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Dao-in, Chinese Yoga

Achieve Happiness, Longevity and Health

Purpose: Happiness, longevity and self-attunement
Center: The whole body
Goal: No physical trouble

Dao-In, or Chinese Yoga, is a series of body movements that are done indoors on a mat. It has been traditionally called “exercises for conducting internal energy” and it combines breathing with the movement, which has resemblance to hatha yoga. These exercises greatly reduces the stagnation of physical energy and it is very useful and complementary to sitting meditation.

Once people began doing this type of physical energy conducting, they discovered that it not only prevented stagnation, but also improved their health and life span. Externally, it helps the muscles, tendons and bones. Internally, it helps all parts of the body functioning better, including circulation, hormone secretions and so forth. Its pure purpose is to nurture and attune your internal energy.

When you do Dao-In, the most important thing is relaxation. Some postures may require more training with certain muscles, so follow the principle of the movement and allow yourself to build your practice up slowly.

While the movement adjusts and attunes, Dao-In also generates, strengthens and invigorates your energy. There are five major parts to the whole system, three of which are the physical foundation. Another part is a meditation, and the concluding part is primarily focused on the face and head.

It takes about 30 minutes to perform the entire sequence of movements, but it is not necessary to do the entire set. For additional information please read Hua-ching Ni’s book "Attune Your Body with Dao-In" and its companion DVD/videotape, both are available at Tao EShop.

Following is a sample clip of the DVD. If you would like to order it, click Dao-in.

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